Which universities offer the most unconditional offers?

There is a lot of talk these days about how universities are lowering their entry standards by offering an increasing number of unconditional offers. It's often seen as a cynical attempt by universities to get more student fee funding in their coffers. And, whilst it's great to have the pressure taken off in terms of getting those all important grades, it can lead to students getting lower grades at A Level and putting themselves at a disadvantage when they reach university.

This week saw UCAS (the organisation which processes student applications) publishing details on how many unconditional offers each UK university offered in 2018.

Here are the ten universities offering the most unconditional places:
  1. Nottingham Trent - 8,660 unconditional offers
  2. University of Lincoln - 6,150 unconditional offers
  3. Sheffield Hallam - 5,835 unconditional offers
  4. University of Birmingham - 4,765 unconditional offers
  5. York St John's - 4,654 unconditional offers
  6. Birmingham City University - 4,585 unconditional offers
  7. University of Brighton - 4,480 unconditional offers
  8. Bournemouth - 3,435 unconditional offers
  9. Northampton - 3,200 unconditional offers
  10. Leeds Beckett - 2,975 unconditional offers

What do you think about unconditional offers? Would you take one or prefer to go for a more 'competitive' option?