My First Year at The University of Brighton

Our Marketing Officer, and recent graduate, Josh talks about his first year at Brighton.

Following on from my last blog post about my experience applying to university. I will go through my experience starting university and what happened over the course of my first year.

I was due to start at the University of Brighton in late September. This gave me around two and a half months to get everything ready, such as buying cooking utensils, pots, pans, bedding, stationery, washing powder and food etc. So, two months later and after an eventful summer going on a lads’ holiday, and travelling to Canada and the US, it was time to head to university.

The car was packed and ready to go, we started the drive to Eastbourne (which is on the South Coast). We arrived three hours later at the University Halls and were greeted by student ambassadors who were ready to check me in and show me to my room. After unpacking, my parents left and I was to start my next chapter at the University of Brighton.

I introduced myself to my flatmates and, as many students do during Fresher’s Week (student orientation week), opened a crate of beers; with everyone getting to know each other. During the first two weeks, there are multiple events for freshers to take part in, for example: welcome talks, Freshers’ Fair, sports trials, society meetings and course introductions. My flatmates and I went to the Freshers’ Fair to see what societies and sports were on offer; I ended up putting my name down for lacrosse along with my flatmate who had previously played internationally.

I went to the lacrosse training a day later with my flatmate where we met the current members of the Team, along with the other freshers trying out the sport. I enjoyed the training and so decided to join the lacrosse team. I would recommend joining a sports team or society when you first start university as you meet loads of people, keep active and create friendships.

My course started and the work began.  Over the course of the first year I would study 6 modules consisting of marketing, management, retail and supply chain. I found first year to be extremely interesting, providing me with the fundamentals and core knowledge that I would need for the duration of my course. Each module consisted of a different method of examining my understanding such as presentations, exams, essays and reports. After completing all assignments, I finished my first year with a 2:1.

Overall, first year was a great experience, both academically and socially; I increased my knowledge within retail marketing and surrounding topic areas and developed my academic writing style ready for assignments to come. As part of the Lacrosse team we won the South Eastern Lacrosse Cup finishing second in the league that season, as well as gaining lots of friends. In a future blog post blog post I will talk about my experience as a second year.

If you’re at university, let me know in the comments what sports teams or societies you’ve joined and how they enhance your university experience!