A Levels, BTEC or International Baccalaureate: Routes to University

A Levels are not the only route to university. Our Marketing Officer, Josh, studied for BTEC qualifications before securing his place to study Marketing at the University of Brighton.

In this latest post he talks about the pros and cons of studying A Levels, BTEC and the increasingly popular International Baccalaureate.

How I Chose My University

Our newest staff member Josh explains why he chose the course he did and how he selected the university that best suited his needs and personality.

Higher Education Open Data Competition

UNI4U was one of five tech companies to secure funding from the Department for Education as part of the Higher Education Open Data Competition. The aim of the project was to develop and test a prototype digital tool to help young people see how much their degree might be worth in the future. The initiative drew on open data around Longitudinal …

Which universities offer the most unconditional offers?

There is a lot of talk these days about how universities are lowering their entry standards by offering an increasing number of unconditional offers.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) has released the latest data on unconditional offers and some of the universities that give the most unconditional offers might surprise you!

Just looking at the Russell Group? You could be missing these top universities!

Here at UNI4U we talk to a large number of young people who are applying to university. A significant proportion of these young people either say they are only applying to Russell Group universities or that Russell Group membership is a major factor in their decision-making.  Before we continue, let’s take a second to explain what the Russell Group is. …

Tips for applying to UCAS this Christmas

December is always a busy month. Secret Santa,  socialising with friends, stocking up on mince pies, wrapping up the presents. The list is never-ending. But if you’re in year 13 you may well be facing a whole new stress level this Christmas: university applications. If so, the 15th January is no doubt etched in permanent ink on your calendar. It’s …