How I Chose My University

First of all let me introduce myself, I’m Josh a recent graduate and the Marketing Officer for UNI4U. This article is going to take you through my experience when applying to university.  I will explain why I chose the course I did and how I selected the university that best suited my needs and personality.

I focused on the kinds of modules I’d been enjoying at sixth form college

So firstly some background, I was 17 and studying Business and Finance at college undertaking a range of modules from human resource management, retailing, marketing and entrepreneurship. I found that I really enjoyed studying marketing, achieving distinctions in all marketing modules. Marketing is defined as the action of promoting and selling a product or service, I was interested in how different channels and methods of marketing are used to take someone who is unaware of your product/service to becoming aware and ultimately purchasing them.

With the end of my first year at college fast approaching we started having numerous talks on taking the next step whether that be applying to university, apprenticeships or finding a job. I decided to choose the university route in order to gain a better understanding of marketing principles and practices from an academic point of view which could then be applied.

As the summer holidays began, I started to conduct research on which universities offered marketing courses and the build up of the course at each institution. After numerous web searches, and hours of browsing different websites I narrowed it down to 5 choices The University of Brighton, Bournemouth University, Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Kent and The University of Westminster.

So with these chosen universities I decided to book onto upcoming open days, to gain a better understanding of the campuses, halls, course, city and overall atmosphere of the university in question. The first and only open day I attended was at the University of Brighton based at the Eastbourne campus. A three hour journey ensued leaving my house at 7am in order to reach the open day for 10am. Upon arriving we went straight into a `Welcome to the University` talk which covered the campus, courses, sports, societies and activities that took place at the university. I was impressed by the sports teams and various societies that were on offer, even though there was no Ice Hockey team for me to play in. Next there was a specific talk on the course I wanted to study, Retail Marketing.  The talk explained in depth what modules were available, the jobs recent graduates obtained and the ways of examining our understanding of each module. After such an in depth and passionate presentation on the course I was sold and the University of Brighton was the right place for me to study my degree at and so I opted to cancel all other open days I was due to attend. (I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but in my case my mind was made up).

After my open day at Brighton it was clear that it was the uni for me!

Next on my journey to get to university was to submit my UCAS application. By November I had completed my personal statement and submitted my application, it was now a waiting game to see what offers I would get. Just over 4 months passed without any email from UCAS saying something has changed on your application, until mid way through March when the email came with an offer from Manchester Metropolitan University followed a week later by Westminster, Bournemouth and finally Brighton.

With my college course almost finished and having achieved Distinction star, Distinction star, Distinction star I had the pick of all 5 Universities that I applied to, choosing Brighton as my first choice and Kent as my insurance. That’s my experience on applying to university and how I chose my course. Look out for my next blog post on starting university and what happened over the course of the three years.