Top 10 stunning UK coastal universities


Who could resist these ten gorgeous UK coastal universities? Study with the sand between your toes and socialise like you’re on vacation!

But, as well as being fun and picturesque, many of these coastal universities are often uniquely placed to offer courses such as: marine biology, oceanography and naval architecture. So, whether you’re looking for a laid-back, creative vibe or keen to expand your knowledge of marine biology you’re sure to find the perfect place on the UK’s coast.

Let’s take a look at our ten top seaside universities.


10) Bournemouth University

The main campus of Bournemouth University is located in the up-market coastal town of Poole, on the Dorset coast (around five miles from Bournemouth). However, it does have another smaller campus located in Bournemouth itself.

Both Poole and Bournemouth provide an idyllic setting for the university – surrounded by a range of gorgeous ‘Blue Flag’ beaches. Both towns are very ‘touristy’ in the summer months and property prices in the area are also high, meaning that it may be difficult to find affordable off-campus housing.

The university is largely vocational and developing a strong reputation in a number of areas including: media, hospitality, event management & tourism, social work, anthropology, journalism and nursing. It is very industry focused and offers a wide range of professional courses.

With the establishment of neighbouring Arts University Bournmouth next to the Poole campus, the area has an increasingly active student and art school vibe, making it idea for beach-loving creative types!


9) Falmouth University 

This new university in the quaint Cornish seaside towns of Falmouth and Penryn is still relatively unknown. This may be because it was only established as a university in 2012 or it may be because it’s a small and specialist university. It is focused on the creative arts so unfortunately it’s not for everyone. But if you’re you’re a creative type who is fond of sand-dunes, salty air and quaint little villages then this may be the perfect place for you!

It has two campuses both in Cornwall. One in Falmouth (a small town of around 20,00 people) and one in the nearby town of Penryn (population approx 10,000). Both campuses offer a seaside location but the Penryn campus is larger and run jointly with the University of Exeter.  One down side is that the University is quite remote and, whilst its hard to beat summer in Cornwall, students should be prepared for the quieter, rainier winter months.

8) Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is on the English south coast just 15 or so miles away from another university city (Southampton). Portsmouth is a port city and naval base, known for its maritime heritage and historic dockyard.

It shares the same coastline as neighbouring Southampton and therefore a number of great beaches although they tend to be made of shingle and pebbles rather than soft, golden sand.

The University itself is a former polytechnic which gained university status in 1992. There are two campuses in the city. The main campus is in what is known as the University Quarter in the centre of the city and a smaller campus on the small island of Portsea.  It offers a wide curriculum across primarily across applied, vocational and professional subjects areas such as: business, law, technology,  and creative industries. It ranks particularly highly for it facilities and courses in sports science.


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