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Just looking at the Russell Group? You could be missing these top universities!

Here at UNI4U we talk to a large number of young people who are applying to university. A significant proportion of these young people either say they are only applying to Russell Group universities or that Russell Group membership is a major factor in their decision-making.  Before we continue, let’s...

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Tips for applying to UCAS this Christmas

December is always a busy month. Secret Santa,  socialising with friends, stocking up on mince pies, wrapping up the presents. The list is never-ending. But if you’re in year 13 you may well be facing a whole new stress level this Christmas: university applications. If so, the 15th January is...


Top 10 stunning UK coastal universities

  Who could resist these ten gorgeous UK coastal universities? Study with the sand between your toes and socialise like you’re on vacation! But, as well as being fun and picturesque, many of these coastal universities are often uniquely placed to offer courses such as: marine biology, oceanography and naval...