The Team

Rachel Burgon UNI4U

Rachel Burgon – Co-founder and CEO

Rachel has over 15 years experience working in the UK Higher Education sector.

She has worked on strategic projects and programmes in a number of UK universities and is a Committee Member for Chevening (the Foreign Office’s official scholarship programme).

She is passionate about helping young people gain skills and experience, especially through exploring opportunities overseas, and is a Non-executive Director for Lattitude Global Volunteering.

Having been an entrepreneur since her ‘Young Enterprise’ days (many moons ago), she has experience of starting, growing and eventually selling her own business (including a family friendly coffee shop in her home town!)



Ross Burgon UNI4UDr Ross Burgon – Co-founder and CTO

Ross has a background in spacecraft engineering and has worked for over 10 years managing complex projects for the space sector.

He has spent many years in the UK higher education sector at the universities of St Andrews, Cranfield, Cambridge, and the Open University  and he currently heads up the Space Research and Innovation Network at Leicester University.

He is also passionate about helping young people reach their potential. He has experience as a secondary school teacher and enjoys engaging in science and engineering outreach activities including though organisations such as Villiers Park and the South-East Physics Network.