UNI4U is a start-up working on game-changing project to help you find the right Uni for you. Recognising that people need to make higher education decisions based on what’s important to them as an individuals, we realised that the current information out there is misleading and contradictory.  University league tables are built around factors that are probably irrelevant to your own higher education journey, and universities themselves often guilty of manipulating statistics to get more ‘bums on seats’!

What’s missing is a tool to empower YOU to make informed decisions based on factors that matter to YOU. So we are building a tool which integrates personality profiling and a unique matching algorithm to deliver a personalised university matching service.

Having secured funding to develop an initial demonstrator tool we’re now seeking support to build and launch our idea to the masses.

We are supported by the NatWest Accelerator in Milton Keynes and are happy to explore collaboration opportunities with companies and individuals that share our values:


  • Empowering people to make informed decisions
  • Providing a free service to users (both individuals and schools)
  • Impartial advice on higher education options


  • Corporates: explore our range of sponsorship opportunities
  • Schools: invite us for a free visit to your school to engage with years 11- 13 about university options
  • Students and graduates: apply for an internship with UNI4U

We are always happy to hear from people who share our passion so if you’d like to get involved we’d love to hear from you: get in touch today!