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Deciding to go to university is a BIG and increasingly expensive decision. For many people university is a crucial stepping stone for their future career and an opportunity to develop valuable life skills. Sadly, for others, graduating with a degree simply means paying off a loan for a course they wish they hadn't done.

As the average student debt creeps up to £50,000, it's important to explore your options thoroughly and get the right advice before you make university decisions.

With over 160 higher education institutions in the UK (and tens of thousands of degree courses), choosing what, where, how (and whether) to study can be extremely stressful. Our research has shown that over 90% of university applicants feel overwhelmed by conflicting and confusing university information such as statistics, league tables and marketing messages from universities.

There's no easy formula to follow when deciding on university. Everybody is different and a university that is right for one person may the complete wrong fit for someone else.

At UNI4U we recognise this challenge and, as a result, we are developing a personalised matching service to help you identify the ideal UNI FOR YOU!

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