Empowering Students

UNI4U aims to empower students throughout the higher education journey. From matching school students to their ideal university through to providing graduates with relevant career experiences.

We’re an EdTech start-up based in Milton Keynes and, although we’re still new kids on the block, we’ve got heaps of experience in higher education and are looking forward to rolling out a range of great products in 2019!

Here’s a taste of some of the stuff we’re currently working on:

Our ground-breaking student choice project

Are you confused by university choices? Overwhelmed by complicated statistics and confused by conflicting league tables? Well you’re not alone. Our research has shown that over 70% of sixth-formers find navigating university choice difficult and stressful. And, to make matters worse, university marketing departments are on recruitment overdrive as they seek to get as many bums on seats as possible! So you’ll no doubt be receiving marketing materials galore telling you that this university is “number one for teaching” or that university “has the most satisfied students ever!”

Having surveyed thousands of potential university applicants we have realised that: what is needed is a more personalised service. Something to help you cut through the chaos and find the find the best university match for you. You wouldn’t choose a life-long partner by scanning through a league table of potential suitors, and you wouldn’t buy a house without knowing whether it’s in an area you would feel happy and it fits with your long-term plans. So why do you have to do this with your higher education choices?

We’re building a brand new, free-to-use service to address this. We want to empower you to make informed decisions and to find the right university for you. Find out more about the project!

Students 4 Startups

Are you a student who is keen to put your knowledge and skills to use on an exciting project in a startup company?

Are you a startup company keen to find a cost-effective, flexible way to get experts for specific projects?

UNI4U is launching students 4 startups in early 2019 to enable startups and small businesses to post up their projects for students to explore. Find out more about the project!